Quick Install Guide - Single Zone

This is a step by step process on how to install your Toadi with the highest success rate for the less complex gardens. Use this install guide when:

  • You only have one mowing zone

  • Your Charging Station is located on or within 3m of the mowing zone

  • Toadi does not have to pass through any narrow passages.

If you do not qualify for any of the 3 conditions above please use Quick Install Guide - Multi Zone.

Step 1: Download the Toadi App from your App Store

  • Go to your phones app store and download the Toadi App.
    You can find the Toadi App by searching for “Toadi” in the App store or by clicking on the link below.

Apple App store: Toadi
Google Play store: Toadi


Step 2: Register your E-mail address

  • Once you have downloaded the app, it will ask you to register your E-mail address.
    When you have filled in your E-mail address, go to your inbox to confirm your E-mail address



Step 3: Unbox Toadi

  • Open the outer and inner box and take Toadi out of the box.

Do not use a knife to open the white box

  • Take the Charging Station out of the box



Step 4 - 7: Instruction video

Step 4: Place the Charging Station

  • Place the Charging Station:

    • On the grass or within 3m of the mowing zone

    • On a flat surface

    • With no obstacles within 1m radius around the Charging Station

    • In an area with WiFi coverage

  • Plug the Charging Station into a power outlet

Do not pin down or screw on the Charging Station until the installation has been completed




Step 5: Place Toadi on the Charging Station

  • Place Toadi on the Charging Station

    • With the center of her back aligned with the Charging Station

  • Wait for Toadi’s eyes to light up


Step 6: Connect to WiFi

  • Add your network details in the App

  • Wait for the QR code to be shown

  • Once the QR code is shown on the app

    • Hold your phone 20-30 cm in front of Toadi in the middle of her screen

    • Wait for Toadi to show her “WiFi” Eyes - More info on Toadi’s eyes

Even when a network has been added, the App will still show the “Add a network” button. You can add additional networks here. i.e: The 2.4 and 5 GHz version of your WiFi network



Step 7: First walk

  • Go stand 3m in front of Toadi

  • Wait for her eyes to ‘find’ you

    • Toadi’s eyes will go left and right

    • When she sees you her eyes will become full circles

    • If she can’t find you, move back and forth 1-2m

  • Toadi will drive off her Charging Station towards you

  • Walk in front of Toadi around the outer border of the mowing zone

    • Walk slowly so Toadi can follow

    • When taking sharp turns give Toadi the time to turn

  • When returning back at the Charging Station

    • Take a big turn so Toadi can drive straight towards the Charging Station

    • Stand above or behind the Charging Station

    • Once Toadi’s eyes are full circles, step away from the Charging Station

  • Toadi will now Auto-Dock

    • She will ride towards the station and turn around

    • She will move her back left and right to find the ideal position

    • This can take several minutes before she has found the ideal position

  • When Toadi has docked she will make the first version of the map of your garden

When Toadi shows ‘Sad Eyes’ you must lift her up, place her back on the Charging Station and repeat this process - More info on Toadi’s eyes

Do not do this process early after sunrise or right before sunset. There might be still enough light for your eyes, but not enough for Toadi

Depending on the size and complexity of your garden, the mapping of your garden can take 30m up to a few hours.


Step 8: Instruction video


Step 8: Manual Explore

To ensure a stable WiFi connection during this process we advise to connect Toadi to your phone’s hotspot. Click on “Add WiFi Network” in the Toadi App and follow the instructions of Step 6.

  • Go to the Toadi App and select “Remote Control”

  • Click on “Daredevil”

  • Select “Start Manual Explore
    Toadi will ride 1-2m of the Charging Station

  • Click on “Controls

  • Use the joystick (the purple circle) to control your Toadi

  • Walk behind your Toadi and use the joy stick to drive Toadi around your garden

  • Walk around your garden using the overlay method

    • Walk the outer edge of the initial walk

    • Overlap the first circle by 6m and turn Toadi around (by using the joy stick)

    • Repeat the first circle in the opposite direction

    • Overlap the reverse circle again by 6m

    • Move closer to the inside of your garden and repeat the 4 previous steps.
      Depending on the size of your garden:

      • You can reduce the overlap

      • You can repeat this step a few times

  • Drive Toadi back to the Charging Station

  • Go to the “Live” tab

  • Start streaming

  • Check if Toadi places a green box around the Charging Station

  • Select “Go to Charging Station”

  • Toadi will Auto Dock and create a detailed version of your garden

    • During this process Toadi may ride around in your garden to gather additional data

The duration of this process depends on the size and complexity of your garden and can take several hours.




Step 9: Set mowing height

  • Go to the Toadi App

  • Change the height

    • The height will be changed when Toadi starts mowing



Step 10: Mowing

  • When the Explore Map has been completed, Toadi will start mowing.
    She will do so

    • 3 hours after sunrise

    • 2 hours after the last rain detection

    • 2 hours before sunset

    • Until she requires charging

  • When your grass has not been cut for a long time, Toadi mowing lines will be visible and your garden will look like a Picasso painting. This will disappear after a few days/weeks.

  • Depending on the size of your garden, Toadi will mow your complete garden minimum once per week. For smaller and less complex gardens this can be multiple times per week


For further guidance on the use of your Toadi, please visit Quick Usage Guide - Single Zone