How to box Willow

When Willow requires to be shipped back to Willow Atelier either for repair or servicing, Willow must be packed and boxed properly to avoid damages.


Is the original box and all supports still intact?

Yes → Go to step 2

No → Contact our Customer Support Team via and a new empty box will be sent to you.

DO NOT ship Willow without all necessary supports and protection. When you do not have all the original supports and/or protection materials anymore, please request them from us. Do not use any other materials (foam, wrapping foils, bubble wrap, …)

Sending Willow in an unauthorized box or with missing supports will void your warranty!

Step 1: Open the new box

  1. Open the Brown Outer Box by using a small knife. Do not cut too deep or do not cut into the cardboard of the box.

  2. Take out the 4 top supports

  3. Open the white Inner Box, but do not take out of the Outer Box.

  4. Take all supports out of the Inner Box

Step 2: Place Willow in the box

  1. Place the Docking Station in de box

  2. Place the Back Support over the Docking Station

  3. Place the Front Support with the flat side on the bottom and sidewall of the Inner Box.

  4. Gently slide Willow in the box


Step 3: Close the box

  1. Close the Inner Box using 1 strip of tape

  2. Place the protective corners on top of the box

  3. Close the Outer Box using at least 3 strips of tape


If you have any questions regarding the shipping of Willow please contact our Customer Support Team at


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