Toadi doesn't scan my QR code during initial setup


I can’t get past the QR code scanning during the initial setup of Toadi


This can have a number of different reasons:

  • Something is wrong with the WiFi settings entered (SSID + password are both case sensitive + also special characters '/' are not allowed).

  • Toadi and / or your smartphone do not have a (good) internet connection at the location where the QR is scanned.

  • Toadi ran out of battery. In this case Toadi is best placed on the charging station, when you see Toadi’s eyes light up you can scan the QR code again. Please wait a couple of hours before proceeding to the next steps, to ensure Toadi is charged enough.


If the app passes this step, it means that it has succeeded.

Then follow the further steps in the app to use Toadi.

You can also watch a short video of the installation here: